Specializes in locating of suspicious sources of RF energy and anthers complementary
  TSCM research activities in aim:
  To locate bugs in any available current contour in the market.
  The TSCM research is executed by experts have knowledge and great experience, 
  cumulative  In the state/citizen private organization.
  The tests are executed by means of new up to date instrumentation from his type.
TSCM  threats investigation  include:   
RF (near field far field) investigation.
In wide and variety method of modulation such as:
Analog(AM, FM, PM)
Digital(ASK, FSK,  PSK, QSK, WIFI, GSM, 3G, CDMA, Bluetooth  )
ELF leak source investigation.
RF VLF Carrier current transmitter's investigation.
Electricity, telecommunication and free wires.
Laser and IR investigation.
From the site out From out in.
AUX investigation.
By pass telephones microphone, any wires and Vulnerable potencies object (such as loud speakers, anti burglar's sys', lamps).
Special GSM investigation.
In aim to locate GSM transmitters in stand by position. 
Physical investigation. (Use with professional tools such as thermal cam, NLJD, fiber optic cam).
In aim to locate threats such as: hidden tape recorders, hidden microphones (coil, optic, acoustic), hidden cam, hidden crossing wires, hidden Computerize collect info devices and others.
Vehicles tracking and listening investigation.
In aim to locate GPS, GSM (active, passive) bugs, tape recorders.
Vulnerable site survey.
    We provide to the ordered full report of findings are detailed and also relation to the risks,
       and recommendations to the improvement of the site.
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